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What is degenerative disc disease?

Upon hearing the words degenerative disc disease or degenerative disc, most people picture some sort of pathogen attacking one of their spinal discs. This is not the case. A degenerative disc is simply one that is breaking down because the muscles upon which it depends for support no longer have the strength to properly support and protect it. The disc may also be suffering from lack of nutrition. In an overwhelming percentage of cases, the degenerative process can be reversed by simply strengthening spinal muscles and expanding the disc to its original thickness. How can this be done, exactly?

Reversing the Effects of Degenerative Disc Disease

Work routines that used to expose the body to regular exercise have been all but eliminated from the workplace. The average work routine today happens while people are seated in front of a computer screen or managing a machine that actually does the work. We've all been warned about the dangers of a recliner in front of the TV, but we've continued to neglect proper daily back exercise. As our back muscles weaken from lack of use, our discs lose their much needed muscular support.

Besides having more leisure time, as life progresses people become more efficient in the amount of physical activity expended getting through the day. The point is that at work as well as in the aging process much more physical capacity is given up than is taken away. What is obviously lacking in nearly all cases of disc failure is an exercise routine that maintains the body, and especially the spine, in optimum health. The BackHealth Exerciser was developed specifically for this purpose.

When spinal muscles, discs, and ligaments are exposed to a regular and precise exercise routine, the back will prosper, and good health is the reward. This exercise routine must include exposing the spine to its full ranges of motion including stretching the spine, all while strengthening and coordinating spinal muscles. Happily, no area of the body responds as promptly to correct exercise as does the spine. Nature designed backs that way because the spine houses the spinal cord, the system that distributes brain impulses throughout the body. Given even modest care, the spine responds quickly to proper exercise, and good health is not far away.

Clearly and simply stated, disc degeneration is far less a factor of pathogenic influence and infinitely more a factor of inadequate spinal conditioning.

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