BackHealth™ Case Studies

Those responsible for prevention of spinal injury in the workplace frequently ask these

1) Do back belts prevent spinal injury?
2) Does teaching proper lifting technique reliably prevent spinal injury?

Many researchers have given their opinion about the effectiveness of back belts. Suffice to say that the logic of back belts—supporting the spine from the outside—has not proven effective. While the incidence of spinal injury dips periodically following the teaching of lifting technique, spinal-injury incidence soon returns to an unacceptable level.

What cannot be measured cannot be managed. Neither of the above strategies measures the spine's true health, placing a spine's risk level within a quantifiable paradigm. BackHealth™ measures a spine’s risk level while offering an effective method for improvement in both spinal strength and range of motion. The BackHealth™ Workplace System puts the employee and the employer on notice that back issues are known and monitored, reducing the liklihood of both off-site and on-site injuries being recorded against the company. The BackHealth™ Workplace System reduces the cost of doing business for the employer while improving the quality of life for the employee. Premium costs drop while employee productivity increases.

What about fraud? Spinal-injury fraud adds greatly to the cost of worker compensation insurance. Estimates as high as 25% and higher add to the cost of doing business and must be passed on to the consumer; costs rise across the board. When the back is truly healthy, the Monday morning injury goes away along with the rest of back claims. Why? The BackHealth™ Workplace System approaces back health scientifically. Note the BackHealth™ Workplace System's success with Coca-Cola® and others. Note also the evidence in the Five Case Studies.

For less than $0.14/employee/day, BackHealth™ will perform for your employees what the research below demonstrates. Protect your employee's spinal health today. Call (800)457-2136

The BackHealth Workplace System:

Prevent back injury in the workplace for pennies/employee/day. Review the research below to understand just how effective the BackHealth™ Workplace System really is.

    1. How To Have a Healthy Back
    2. Five Case Studies
    3. Coca Cola
    4. Deseret Labs

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